Robotized workplaces

Robotized workplaces

We are engaged in development, programming and production of robotized workplaces. We deploy robotic applications and build on existing manufacturing technology. Training of your staff and a service is a matter of course.

Revolution In Measurement Automation

We have developed a robotic workplace that enables 100% product control in real time. The ILM workplace can thus be integrated directly into your production line. Advanteages of our solution are summed in the leaflet for download.


References overview

Our robot applications:

  • Sticking stickers on ALU wheels
  • Applying heat-conductive paste
  • Headlight measurement and adjustment
  • Precise camera guidance for the robot
Robotic Workplace Measuring and Adjusting Headlamps


We are able to deliver robotic workplaces focusing on:

  • Precise measurement applications
  • Storage of material in boxes
  • Loading parts into a production line
  • Palletizing
  • Unloading injection molding parts
  • Labeling
  • Assembly of products
  • Bonding
  • Handling

Robotic handling of NOK pedals