Punching Units under Press

Universal punching units offer more effective solutions of punching of holes into the metal plates, open and closed profiles and tubes. Modular punching devices are very cheap because of their universality and low-volume way of production in compare with standard single-purpose devices. Short terms of delivery according to the order complication.

We deliver units with insert lengths of 100, 200 and 300 mm for material thickness up to 12 mm for punching of circle or shape holes in sizes from D 2 mm to D 110 mm. It is also possible to deliver special tooling whose parameters are different from standard. Mostly it does not mean big rise of the price and delivery time.

  • Tooling is placed in one axis in „C“ shape frame
  • Easy change of punchs and dies means fast change of type of punched hole
  • For circle and shape holes
  • Possibility of mounting of standard units into the systems on the fixating board out of the press
  • Long liveness of tolling provides 150 000 holes globally and 15 – 20 000 holes between edging
  • Units can be used with any type of the press – press-brake, eccentric press or hydraulic press
  • Units with pneumatic or hydraulic drive can be used if the use of press is not possible
  • Units with hand-lever mechanism for mobile use for smaller series are available
  • Punching of commercial steel, stainless steel and aluminum is possible

On the base of technical documentation of final product or drawing with quotation (can be sent by fax or e-mail) optimal proposal of technical solution is created according to the customer demands. The most convenient units and unit systems are chosen, punching tolerances are defined and suitable press can be recommended also with calculation of punching force. For more difficult cases it is possible to suggest special variant solutions with different levels of production efficiency and price. We are able to offer to our customers special solutions according to their demands in good prices because of using many standard parts.