Mechanical engineering


We are part of the largest Czech engineering alliance group VAE CONTROLS.

We focus on technical trading and provide development and contracting services in the field of manufacturing automation, industrial and unique customized PC systems, power electronics and special purpose machines.

  Profile of company ELVAC

History of the Mechanical Division in ELVAC a.s.


Acquisition of building on Hasicska Street, Ostrava-Vitkovice with 1.200 sqm of production space. This is a new home for Mechanical Engineering Department.


Production of punching machines was ended. Punching units under press are still in production and available.


Company transformation – merger of ELVAC IPC s.r.o. and ELVAC AUTOMATION s.r.o. into ELVAC a.s. and foundation of the Mechanical Engineering Division.


We established a close partnership with SIRIUS Praha s.r.o. that led to the offer and implementation of a wide range of punching machines.


Change in the name – during 2008 and 2009, all organizational units of the holding gradually incorporated the name of ELVAC into their business names in place of the former ELCOM. This change was brought about by the admission of VAE CONTROLS, s.r.o. as a strategic partner into ELCOM GROUP a.s.


Foundation of the Mechanical Division within ELCOM GROUP a.s. that was established in 1991.

ELVAC a.s.
ELVAC a.s.
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