Mechanical engineering

ELVAC a.s. – Mechanical Engineering

  • The subject of our offer is a complete supply of single-purpose machines and assembly lines "tailored to the customer's needs". Machines, equipment, assembly and testing workplaces and lines are designed as free-standing workplaces or part of larger production units.
  • Technical support and service are an integral part of all our deliveries. As part of technical support to our customers, we propose the most modern and most effective solution variants.

DENESA s.r.o.

  • With regard to the ever-increasing demand for the Department of Mechanical Engineering, from the company ELVAC a.s., the company DENESA s.r.o. was purchased in 2019.
  • DENESA s.r.o. was established in 2002 in the field of industrial development and production of custom machinery together with the provision of related services. The main branch of the company is the production of machinery and equipment for industry, especially automotive. Our production is focused on the production of assembly lines, single-purpose machines and molds. We have our own department of development, construction and production. The company offers a wide portfolio of services in the field of construction, production and modification of single-purpose machines and assembly lines.

NEWS – Purchase of an industrial complex on Varšavská Street

  • In 2020, ELVAC a.s. bought an industrial area on Varšavská Street in Ostrava-Hulváky. In this industrial area, other new workshops will be created needed to maximize production and assembly space in the Mechanical Engineering sector.